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At Workman Law Group, our team is made up of two skilled litigators with one of them being a former prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Both Benjamin Workman and Ms. Laurel A. Workman can defend clients in the state and federal courts alike. Whenever you are facing criminal allegations of a misdemeanor or a felony nature, it’s essential that you hire a law firm with a proven track record for successful case results. At our firm, our Gilbert criminal defense attorneys have been handling criminal cases involving minor traffic offenses to violent crimes involving armed robbery, manslaughter and murder for over 15 years. Should you go with our firm, your case will be handled by an aggressive, result driven legal team that is 100% committed to helping you reach a favorable case outcome, regardless of the seriousness of your criminal charges.

Our legal system is good, but it’s not foolproof. Sadly, innocent people are wrongfully convicted all the time, only to be exonerated on new and improved DNA evidence years after being incarcerated. Whether you are entirely innocent, or if you had a momentary lapse in judgment, it doesn’t make you a bad person and you deserve the best defense available. We are dedicated to upholding your Constitutional rights, all the while searching for flaws in the prosecution’s case. As a detail-oriented law firm, we will meticulously comb through and cross-examine any and all evidence against you in an effort to get your charges dropped wherever possible.

Criminal Defense in State and Federal Charges

Traffic offenses can range from speeding tickets, to running a red light, passing a stopped school bus, to DUI, multiple DUI and vehicular manslaughter. While some traffic offenses involve a slap on the wrist, others involve serious criminal and administrative penalties for the accused. We can challenge all types of traffic violations including those involving DUI. Anything that can be done to reduce if not eliminate your penalties can potentially save you points on your record and thousands of dollars in increased auto insurance premiums.

We handle various types of drug crimes including charges for drug possession and possession of marijuana. We can also handle charges of drug sales and other drug-related crimes. The penalties for drug crimes vary according to the type of drug, the quantity of the drug and what you intended to use it for. The penalties for possessing a small amount of marijuana for personal use for example, are much less severe than cultivating twenty marijuana plants.

Internet crimes involve any type of illegal activity over the internet or any other type of unlawful activity where a computer was used to commit the crime. These can include various sex crimes, theft crimes, as well as white collar crimes. Because technology and the internet allow such a rapid spread of illegal information, many internet crimes are prosecuted as felonies and federal crimes. Considering the fact that the federal government has unlimited resources to track down and prosecute those who commit internet crimes, having an equally powerful defense is absolutely essential if you wish to beat charges of this nature.

White collar crimes are considered nonviolent crimes which are committed for the sole purpose of financial gain. Originally committed by white collar professionals, white collar crimes have expanded to include anyone that commits a nonviolent crime for their own profit. These can include: counterfeiting, check fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, as well as large investment schemes, embezzlement and other forms of fraudulent activities.

Sex crimes are those crimes that involve forceful or nonconsensual sexual contact; however, they can also involve consensual sexual acts that are prohibited by law. Such acts would include sex with a minor or prostitution, or exposing one’s sexual organs in a public place. Certain sex crimes require mandatory sex offender registration, which requires that you register wherever you live and makes your picture, the crime you were convicted for and your home address public information.

We defend clients that have been accused of various violent crimes including: assault, battery and domestic violence. Some crimes are considered felonies and can require from years to life in prison. Whether you have been accused of domestic violence or committing murder, we understand that many of these cases don’t have witnesses and many people act in self defense. We are here to listen to your side of the story and aggressively defend you in court for the sake of your future and the sake of your loved ones.

Gilbert Criminal Defense Attorney

When facing criminal charges, it’s critical that you carefully select an attorney with both courtroom litigation skills and excellent negotiation skills. We will not hold your hand as we advise you to plead guilty, instead we will provide you with unwavering, tireless criminal defense representation as we fight tooth and nail to defend your rights. Our mission is to help get your charges reduced if not eliminated altogether! Contact an attorney from Workman Law Group for the defense representation that you expect and deserve.

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