Chandler Violent Crimes Attorney

Violent Crimes Carry Heavy Penalties in a Conviction

If you are charged in anything that is classified under violent crimes, understand that you are facing a potentially harsh sentence if convicted. See a Chandler criminal defense lawyer today and get the aggressive legal defense you need in defending these charges. Title 13-706 of the Arizona state law gives the definitions and sentencing for serious or violent crimes. These crimes are ones committed by anyone over eighteen years of age and there is a long list. These crimes range from first degree murder through second degree murder and manslaughter. They include drive by shootings, armed robbery and aggravated assault. They also include things like sexual assault, kidnapping and arson of an occupied structure.

Violent Crimes Lawyer in Chandler

If there have been two prior convictions for serious offenses, the sentencing can be a life term in prison without the possibility of parole or even death. If you have been charged in one of these violent crimes you need to have an attorney with substantial experience in criminal law cases to represent you. The Workman Law Group has had over fifteen years of experience in defending criminal cases in court. What is more, we have a former prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s office, Ms. Laurel A. Workman bringing her experience to bear in the forming of our legal strategies to defend our clients. Her experience in this area gives us the inside track of how the prosecuting attorney will prepare his case and so we are able to craft the most aggressive legal defense for you. Call us today and get the help you need in facing charges of violent crimes.

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