Chandler White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Are you charged with fraud, identity theft, forgery, embezzlement or other white collar crime?

There are a large number of criminal offenses that are termed “white collar crimes”. These are nonviolent criminal offenses, financial in nature. They include a wide range of charges that could be filed in either state or federal court. Offenses such as credit card fraud, identity theft, embezzlement, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud and others are all dangerous and carry heavy penalties in a conviction. If you are accused of any white collar crime, the quality of your Chandler criminal defense attorney can greatly affect the final outcome in your case. You need an attorney that will be focused on you, your case and your future and do everything possible to help you avoid the severe repercussions of a conviction.

White Collar Crime Defense Attorney in Chandler

Our legal team is highly committed and dedicated to protecting the rights of clients throughout the criminal justice process. If you are accused of a white collar crime and any aspect of the evidence includes rights violations, you can have full confidence that we will move forward to request that the evidence illegally obtained be suppressed. These matters can include illegal search and seizure, violations in the arrest procedure and other issues that should be identified immediately so that a defense strategy can be initiated.

Many of the current cases of white collar crimes include a great deal of computer evidence. This issue can be very important to the defense, as determining who else could have had access to the computer could be significant for your case. We have developed respected resources in forensic accountants, computer experts and others that could be called upon to support a defense case when that will benefit our client.

When we take on defending a white collar crime, we are very serious about it. We know how important it is to you and your family that you are not convicted. We do everything possible to fight for you and your cause, and we can be trusted to provide you with high quality defense counsel, and that we have the trial skills you need in your attorney.

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