Mesa Drug Possession Attorney

Drug Possession Charges, Convictions and Penalties

While drug possession may not seem like a serious drug crime in comparison to others like drug sales, distribution or cultivation, you can be assured that Arizona State law has a very serious view of this criminal act. Drug possession convictions may warrant several months to years in prison with exceptional financial penalties, in addition to the many different negative consequences even an accused offender may face in society with family, close relationships or employers.

One of the most harrowing aspects of a drug possession charge is the likelihood that other charges may be added to your arrest. If law enforcement has sufficient reason to think that you had intended to sell or distribute the drugs you were in possession of, then those charges may be imposed on you as well. This can significantly extend the potential prison sentence and fines that may be imposed in the event of conviction. Other key factors in determining the extent of your charges and penalties include the type of drug, the quantity in possession and prior criminal record.

Drug Possession Lawyers in Mesa, AZ

It’s important for those charged with drug possession to consult the services of an experienced Mesa criminal defense lawyer at Workman Law Group. An inefficient defense can bring about the worst-case scenario, leaving defendants facing maximum prison sentences and hefty financial penalties at conviction. WLG strongly supports the right of every defendant to receive the best possible criminal defense, and we work hard to make sure that is exactly what you get. Our firm has built an impressive record of success by working to downgrade charges, minimize penalties and even reach not guilty verdicts for clients throughout the greater-Phoenix area.

If you have been charged with possession of an illegal substance and need the support of a skilled advocate who can work on your behalf toward your defense, contact a Mesa drug possession attorney who can help.