Weapons Charges in Chandler: Defense Lawyer

Chandler Weapons Charges Attorney

If you have been arrested for weapons charges in the state of Arizona, you could be facing some very harsh penalties, including serving time in the state prison for several years. Weapons charges can range from committing a crime while possessing a weapon, illegally possessing a firearm, and others. In addition to a prison sentence, you could be facing hefty fines and a permanent criminal record. If you have prior convictions, the penalties will be even steeper. The negative impact on your future can be tremendous. If you are facing such charges, you need to contact a Chandler criminal defense lawyer immediately. You are going to need the insight, experience and dedication of an attorney who knows how to address and defend these cases in order to preserve your rights and fight aggressively to have your case dismissed or the charges (and penalties) reduced.

Different Kinds of Weapons Charges

There are many ways you can be brought up on a weapons charge. These include:

  • Committing a crime while possessing a weapon. If you are guilty of this, you could face the maximum mandatory sentencing in prison. Examples of crimes committed while possessing a weapon include buying or selling drugs, burglary, homicide, home invasion and many more.
  • Being an already-convicted felon or an illegal alien in possession of a firearm.
  • Possessing a prohibited firearm, such as a sawed-off shotgun or assault weapon.
  • Possessing a firearm while on parole or on probation.
  • Changing the serial number of a firearm.
  • Concealing a weapon without having a permit.
  • Unlawfully discharging a firearm. You can face serious charges even is your firearm went off accidentally.
  • Aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon . This could include just threatening another with a weapon, without actually discharging it.

Penalties for Weapons Charges

The penalties for these charges vary from six months in jail to 25 years to life in federal prison. They are subject to change depending on whether they are misdemeanors or felonies, or whether you are a first-time offender or a repeat offender. If you are convicted two or more times, the penalties are enhanced, and may be doubled or tripled. The sentencing is not the only penalty – there can be fines as much as $150,000 with other fees on top of that, parole or probation restrictions, community service requirements, restitution and other consequences. You will also have a criminal record which will have a negative impact on future employment and all other areas of your life. You will likely also lose some of your rights, such as the right to vote, the right to own a firearm, and the right to obtain a professional license in certain professions. These are serious consequences, further illustrating the need to have a competent Chandler weapons charges attorney on your side.

If you are facing weapons charges, you should consult with an experienced defense lawyer who knows how to approach criminal accusations related to the use or possession of weapons. A thorough investigation to completely understand the facts is crucial. For example, was the search and seizure of the weapon legal? Were you charged with illegal possession when you did not even know the weapon was on your property? What are the specifics that led law enforcement to connect the weapon to you?

Knowing the exact questions to ask can expose all of the relevant facts, which could result favorably for you. At the Workman Law Group in Chandler, we are very aggressive in challenging the case against you presented by the prosecutor in weapons charges. Whether we are presenting convincing arguments during hearings or trials, or filing motions to steer your defense and protect your rights, we are there to stand by you. Contact us today.