Mesa Drug Sales Lawyer

Facing Possession with Intent to Sell Charges in Arizona

From cultivation and manufacture, to distribution and sale, to drug possession and use, there are many critical aspects that make the drug trade work. Law enforcement recognizes the sale of drugs as a high-priority arrest scenario and has put much focus over the years in identifying and charging suspected individuals with drug sales. No matter what a law enforcement officer may tell you, escaping the many serious penalties associated with drug sales charges is not impossible. The right Mesa criminal defense attorney can custom-build a defense strategy with a distinct goal in mind: to help you face minimum penalties or avoid conviction entirely.

In order to be charged with possession with intent to sell, you must be in sufficient possession of a large enough quantity of the drug. For instance, 9 grams of cocaine or methamphetamine may warrant a possession with intent to sell charge while just 1 gram of heroin meets Arizona’s criteria. Other keys may be observed in order to apply the appropriate charge such as the arrangement of drugs, meaning whether the drugs appear to be prepared for sale, or even prior criminal record. Convicted offenders can face up to several years in prison and substantial fines for a drug sales charge, which is why it is so important that your defense attorney understand how best to approach your case.

Aggressive Drug Sales Defense Attorneys in Mesa

Workman Law Group is a full service criminal defense law firm that has worked for 15 years to provide Mesa clients with dependable, capable representation in the event of any criminal charge. From internet crimes to white collar crimes to drug crimes, our firm has a wealth of experience in all areas of criminal law. The accomplished attorneys and legal staff at WLG appreciate the nervousness or uncertainty you may be feeling in the face of your charges. We are known for the strong fight we bring to the prosecution in defense against drug crimes, and we will not rest until every option has been explored in order to achieve the best results possible.

Contact a Mesa drug sales defense lawyer if you have been charged with intent to sell an illegal drug and need to begin working toward a dependable defense strategy.