Chandler Sex Crimes Attorney

If you are charged with a sex crime, you need quality legal counsel.

The laws regarding sex crimes in Arizona are especially stringent. If you have been charged in a sex crime, it is in your own best interest to arrange for legal defense from a Chandler criminal defense lawyer.

Sex Crimes Lawyer in Chandler

In title 13-705 of Arizona state law it says that anyone who is eighteen years or older who sexually assaults a minor or has sexual conduct with a minor can be sentenced to life in prison if convicted. Further, they are not eligible for parole except under certain provisions or until they have served thirty five years of the sentence. Under title 13-1423 a person who is convicted of violent sexual assault can be sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

Contact the Workman Law Group today, if you are facing a sex crimes charge in Arizona. Having a former prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s office on our team gives us an inside track on how prosecuting attorneys work and helps us to craft the best legal strategy for defending our clients. We are aware of all the possible legal defenses in these kinds of sex crimes cases. We will examine all the facts of your case, including how the investigation was handled, looking for any improprieties on the part of the investigators. It is important that you get a lawyer before you do anything else. Talk with our office before you make any statements to the police. We have fifteen years of experience on criminal law and we will fight aggressively for you to get the best possible outcome at trial.

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