Chandler Traffic Offenses Lawyer

Speeding, Reckless Driving, DUI, Suspended License Issues and Other Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses are costly in more ways than one. Get help from a Chandler criminal defense attorney to handle your traffic offenses before they result in a loss of driving privileges for you.

Getting a traffic ticket is not only expensive but failure to pay the fine within thirty days can result in your driver’s license getting suspended. A traffic offense such as a DUI is an even much more serious offense and can possibly result in jail time as well as lots of other costs in addition to getting your license suspended.

Traffic Offenses Attorney in Chandler

Traffic offenses will cause your insurance rate to go up and, after a number of infractions, your insurance carrier may decide to cancel your policy. If you are in this sort of trouble, the Workman Law Group can help you by either providing you with the best possible legal defense for your traffic violation or represent you at a DMV hearing to help you try to win back your driving privileges if they have already been removed.

Many times, all it takes is to have an attorney present to make get your case quickly dismissed in a minor traffic violation. There are many errors that can be found in standard traffic enforcement that relies on radar guns or cameras. Additionally, the officer who issued the citation may not be able to provide a convincing account of what happened since time has passed and there have been so many different citations given out. If you want to keep these traffic offenses off of your record or you need to have a hearing to get back your license, call our office today because we have over fifteen years of experience with defending people like yourself in traffic offenses.

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