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Have you been accused of a crime, or criminally charged in the Mesa area?

Understanding and protecting your rights is the first, proactive step to take when you are under criminal investigation or have been criminally charged. Whether you face a simple DUI or drug possession or you are suspected or accused of a serious violent act, you will need to confront the possibility of severe legal penalties and restrictions. With the likelihood of life-altering consequences in your immediate future, it is vital to consult an aggressive, effective Mesa criminal defense attorney who understands the criminal justice system in Arizona and who will stand with you to deal with the challenges you face in the days ahead.

Practice Areas ~ Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyer

As former prosecutors, we at the Workman Law Group (WLG) know you face an entire system interested, not in your circumstances, but only in proof of guilt and punishment. With our firm, you can expect the back up of a defense team who will take a firm stand against this complex network of crime professionals who have the potential to permanently change your life forever. The following are our firm’s areas of practice; click on the links below to learn more about each one.

DUI – Driving under the influence

Arrest and conviction of DUI has an immediate and negative impact on your driving privileges and can result in criminal penalties, including fines, jail time, and probation, as well as community service. A substantial part of our firm’s focus is to assist clients facing any DUI related charge. We will aggressively defend your rights throughout the DUI process whether you face a first-time charge, multiple DUI or a serious accusation of vehicular manslaughter. Click here to learn more about DUI.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are acts involving illegal drug possession, drug sales or use of governmentally controlled substances. Some government controls completely ban a substance, making it an “illegal” drug, as in cocaine or heroin. Other controls are government inspection procedures, as in the case of prescription medications. Whether you are accused of a misdemeanor possession of marijuana or a major, felony drug-related crime, our firm is prepared to take every step to protect your rights. Learn more about drug crimes.

Internet Crimes

Internet crime is also known as cyber crime and is as diverse as the internet itself. Any crime that is accomplished via the internet is considered an internet crime by law enforcement. It is a federal crime investigated by federal agencies such as the FBI in cooperation with local police departments. Common types include child pornography, intellectual property violations and fraud. Click here to learn more about internet crimes.

Sex Crimes

“Sex crimes” refers to any illegal act involving sex, such as rape, sexual abuse or violence and incest. Recently, 248,000 individuals report being victims of sexual assault in America; that’s one in every six women and one in every 33 men. In Arizona, as in all states, conviction of a sex crime carries severe penalties. In most cases, simply being charged can be enough to destroy personal and professional relationships. Find out more about sex crimes.

Theft Crimes

Theft, otherwise termed larceny, is any act of taking a valuable without the permission of the owner with the intention of depriving the owner permanently of his or her possession. Degrees of theft recognized by law and law enforcement, such as “petty” theft and “grand” theft relate to the value of the property stolen. The consequences of any theft crime conviction can be severe. Click here to find out more about theft crimes.

Traffic Offenses

Tickets for minor traffic offenses are issued as traffic “infractions” – such as those for mechanical violations or minor moving violations. A mistake or violation involving a motor vehicle becomes a misdemeanor or a felony offense when it causes destruction of property, injury or death, as in vehicular manslaughter. Penalties for traffic-related offenses compound when alcohol or drug possession is involved. It is important to understand the law, the penalties and your rights regarding traffic offenses. Find out more about traffic offenses.

Violent Crimes

In our country a violent crime is defined as force or threat of force used against another. The variety of ways force can be applied or is threatened defines the different types of violent assault crimes and penalties. For instance, assault can be charged as simple assault, where a victim fears injury, assault and battery, where another is actually struck, or aggravated assault involving serious injury. A domestic violence accusation may include one or more types of assault charges. Click here to learn more about violent crimes.

White Collar Crimes

“White collar crime” describes non-violent criminal activity in commerce or business committed for financial gain. Convicted of a white collar crime, such as fraud, counterfeiting or money laundering, an individual or the legal representative of a business or venture may face fines and imprisonment, as well as loss of professional status, licenses and future employment. Click here to find out more about white collar crimes.

Professional Criminal Defense Attorney in Mesa

The decision to work with legal professionals experienced in Arizona criminal defense law is the correct and the best proactive step you can take to successfully challenge the accusations or charges you face. Aggressive and immediate action to curtail prosecution of the charges against you is vital to reduce the penalties involved, or to avoid a conviction and its consequences altogether. In many cases, arrests are made based on insufficient or unreliable evidence. In these circumstances if acted upon quickly, your case may be dropped. From a first time DUI or drug possession to violent crimes with serious, life-altering penalties, we are here to serve your needs. In the face of criminal accusations or charges, it is important to exercise both your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. If you suspect you are under investigation for a crime, it is vital not to answer any questions posed by law enforcement, another attorney, investigator or media, before retaining your own competent legal counsel.

It is in your best interests to contact a Mesa criminal defense attorney from our firm as soon as you become aware you are the target of a criminal investigation, or as soon as you have been arrested on any criminal charge.