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In Arizona state law, the severity of theft crimes are broken down into several different factors, one of which is the value of what was stolen. Theft of anything over the value of one thousand dollars is a felony, if convicted. You should see a Chandler criminal defense attorney if you have been charged in a theft crime. Our office has served the area of criminal defense for over fifteen years and we provide the best legal defense for those charged in any sort of theft crimes.

Theft Crimes Attorney on Chandler

The laws in Arizona regarding theft crimes break the crime down into several different categories, each one being a class of felony. A theft crime might also be a white collar crime. It begins with class two felonies for anything being stolen that has a value of over twenty five thousand dollars and goes right on through to a class six felonies for things of lesser value. In the definition of the law, the lower the number on the felony, the more severe it is. For example a class two felony, for a first time offender is sentenced by what is called the presumptive provision and this a five year prison term. The presumptive provision for a class six felony is one year in prison. Additionally, having a felony on your record will have a severely negative impact on your job opportunities in the future. For this reason you should contact the Workman Law Group to get the best possible legal defense against charges of theft crimes. We have a former prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s office on our team who guides our legal defense preparation based on her knowledge of how prosecuting attorneys work.

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