Chandler Internet Crime Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with an internet crime in Arizona?

Internet crimes encompass virtually any crime that is committed where computers or the internet is involved. There are a wide variety of charges that may be applied in conjunction with internet crimes such as possession of child pornography, fraud, hacking, credit card theft, identity theft and many others. Although law enforcement has traditionally been two steps behind criminals in this arena due to issues with international jurisdiction or laws that have not been properly updated, there are plenty of options available that enable the court to impose maximum penalties upon conviction.

It may seem hopeless at times, but it is important to remember that the prosecutor has the burden of proof in all criminal cases including those of internet crimes. Because of this, the state commonly employs computer related crime investigators to examine the hard drives of suspected individuals, which may seem like solid evidence at first glance. There are a variety of rational criminal defense options available to protect defendants, however. While it may appear that a person is guilty of possession of child pornography on a computer, for example, it may be much more difficult to prove that the defendant is the one responsible for the images in question, or that there was even knowledge of the evidence to begin with.

Effective Internet Crime Attorneys in Chandler

Workman Law Group has worked for 15 years to provide Chandler residents with the kind of dependable, trustworthy criminal defense representation available. Our firm has assisted clients in a variety of alleged offenses committed using a computer or the internet including sex crimes, theft crimes, white collar crimes and others. We often conduct our own independent investigations to determine our own findings and make our own assumptions without relying on the prosecution to do that for us. Our firm is dedicated to the task of achieving success in every court case, and we will work hard to see that the best strategies are employed in your defense. In many cases, our expert legal services have resulted in minimized charges and penalties, or even not guilty verdicts when key evidence simply cannot be proven effectively.

Contact a Chandler internet crime defense lawyer if you have been charged with committing a crime using a computer or the internet and need to discuss the specifics of your case with someone who can help.