Chandler Assault Attorney

Are you facing charges of assault?

If you have been arrested and charged with assault, it is important that your rights are protected. An arrest and charge does not necessarily mean you will be convicted, but you need to ensure you have legal representation from a Chandler criminal defense attorney from Workman Law Group to protect your rights and interests from the moment you are under arrest. In assault charges, it can be difficult for law enforcement to do anything other than arrest the individual who is still standing. If you have been attacked by another person and defend yourself, you could still be facing assault charges, and in order to help you fight to avoid conviction, a full investigation into the details of your case should take place at once.

Assault Defense Lawyer in Chandler

One of our founding attorneys, Ms. Laurel A. Workman is a former prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney ‘s office, and a member of The Maricopa County Bar Association and Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice. She is also a volunteer with the ACLU, the Justice Project and various animal rescue groups throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area. Her defense of clients is her mission, and every case is given the full attention and focus that it deserves. If you are facing charges, you are at serious risk of jail or prison time, particularly in cases in which there is an injury.

There are many opportunities to defend even the most serious of criminal charges, and your case should be evaluated on an immediate basis. We need to meet with you and evaluate every aspect of your case, from police reports, through to witness reports as well as any other evidence that has led to your arrest. If there have been any violations of your rights, such as illegal police procedure excessive force, we are zealous advocates for you, your rights and your cause.

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