Mesa Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Drug Charges and Convictions Can Have Serious Consequences

If you are involved with illicit drugs in any way, you may be subject to a litany of misdemeanors and harsh felonies associated with the various charges. Some accused offenders may have been identified through extensive evidence-gathering investigations, or as an unfortunate result of a simple traffic stop gone wrong. In any event, the support of a deeply experienced Mesa criminal defense attorney is crucial for any hope of avoiding the dire consequences of drug crime charges and convictions in terms of stiff fines and lengthy prison terms, among others.

Workman Law Group is a serious criminal defense law firm that offers premiere representation in a multitude of different legal areas such as DUI, theft crimes, violent crimes and others. Our firm is highly- experienced in the defense of drug crimes as well, and following are just some of the specific areas where our attorneys have found success.

Drug Possession

Individuals who are found to be in possession of illegal drugs can face a range of charges and penalties, from misdemeanors to felonies depending on the type and quantity of drugs found. There are plenty of viable defenses to this type of charge, and the right attorney can make sure your drug possession charges don’t lead to maximum penalties at conviction. Read more about drug possession

Drug Sales

Drug sales is a critical step in the illegal drug industry. Without selling drugs, cultivation and distribution would lead to nothing, and users would never be able to acquire their drugs of choice. Naturally, drug sales are some of the most highly-targeted areas that law enforcement focuses on due to the integral role it plays in the entire process. Read more about drug sales

Possession of Marijuana

Despite the fact that marijuana may have a much more positive reputation in modern-day society, Arizona State law continues to view possession of marijuana in one way only. Underestimating your marijuana possession charges is a decision that can easily have you facing maximum penalties at conviction. Read more about possession of marijuana.

Effective Drug Crime Defense Attorneys in Mesa

Since Nixon first instituted America’s War on Drugs in 1971, our nation’s citizens have seen increased arrests and much stiffer penalties for drug crimes. There has been a substantial spotlight on drug crimes for many years, and thus law enforcement and prosecutors alike have been guilty of illegal collection of evidence and other violations. For the past 15 years, Workman Law Group has worked to provide clients throughout Mesa and surrounding areas with strong representation in the face of any drug charge, as well as other charges related to your arrest. We take pride in the dedication and skill we bring to every case, and we will work hard to see your defense through to a successful resolution.

Contact a Mesa drug crime lawyer with WLG if you have been arrested for a drug-related offense and want the support of a skilled legal professional who isn’t afraid to fight to secure the best results possible.