Mesa Domestic Violence Lawyer

Defense Attorney for Domestic Violence Charges in Mesa

People erroneously believe that domestic violence only applies to violence against one’s spouse. In fact, in Arizona it can apply also to your child’s parent to whom you are not married, a roommate, a person you are dating, and anyone else who is related to you by marriage or lives with you. This includes your parents, grandparents, siblings, in-laws, stepparents and stepchildren. The crime itself can be anything from verbal abuse and threats to assault, or even murder. Charges of domestic violence could be filed against you for violating a restraining order. The domestic violence laws in Arizona are very aggressive and anyone charged with a domestic violence crime is in serious legal trouble. The prosecutor will avidly pursue a conviction. Your life can take a very negative turn if you are convicted of domestic violence. Jail or prison sentences, probation, restrictions in child visitation, and loss of other civil rights can all be the result. You should contact a criminal defense attorney in Mesa right away if you have been charged with domestic violence to discuss your case and learn your options.

If the police are called to intervene in a heated argument between two spouses, for example, they are most likely going to make an arrest. Even if the “victim” states that he or she does not want to press charges, it probably won’t matter. The police do not have to be witnesses to the violence; they only need to be fairly certain that some kind of domestic violence occurred and that you were guilty of that violence. The state then takes control, initiating the legal process of filing charges, and prosecuting you. Of course, determining guilt is another matter, including presenting valid evidence and/or witness statements. This is a crucial reason to seek counsel with an experienced Mesa domestic violence attorney, as it is important that every possible defense option is identified as early as possible. Many an innocent person has been wrongfully charged with domestic violence, and without proper representation, ended up with a sentence and a criminal record.

What Is Domestic Violence?

You don’t have to physically hit someone in order to be charged with domestic violence. You could just threaten or harass another; commit criminal damage, meaning causing damage to something of value; engage in disorderly conduct, such as disturbing the peace in your home or neighborhood; or violating a protective or restraining order, even by simply contacting someone by phone or email whom you are restricted from contacting.

There are several ramifications of being arrested for domestic violence. You might not be able to return to your home. You might have a protective order issued, meaning you will be restricted from having contact with the alleged victim and your own children.

Penalties for conviction, depending on your history and the specifics of the charge, can range from probation and fines to heavy fines and sentences in jail or prison. In Arizona, the law leans much more heavily against offenders who commit a crime against a person with whom they have a domestic association.

If you are arrested for domestic violence, your future is at stake. You need skilled assistance from a qualified, experienced domestic violence defense attorney in Mesa to help you. At the Workman Law Group, we have extensive experience and know how the state prosecutes its cases. Of course, our first goal is to have the charges against you dismissed, or minimized as much as possible. Understanding the exact facts of your case, we can map out the best defense strategy. Contact us today.