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Clearing Your Criminal Conviction from the Record

Having a criminal conviction on your record is never a good thing. Your future opportunities can be seriously curtailed because of it. Employers will be much less likely to hire you. It can prevent you from being able to vote, run for public office, or own a firearm. You will most likely not be able to obtain a professional license either, i.e., doctor, attorney, etc. In other words, you could lose some of your basic rights as a citizen. But all is not lost if you have a criminal record. It’s possible in the state of Arizona to qualify, under certain circumstances, to have your criminal record wiped clean, in essence. This is called expungement, or “setting aside a judgment.” This can be a complex procedure, and it is advised that you contact a criminal defense attorney in Mesa to help you through the process.

Is My Conviction Really Erased?

Arizona does not have “expungement” the way some other states do, meaning, you can never actually have the “slate wiped clean.” If you meet the qualifications, you can have the record “set aside”. If allowed, the record will still be there but you will be released from disabilities. This means that the restrictions that were imposed when you had a criminal record, such as not being able to vote, possess a firearm, etc., can be lifted.

Before a judgment can be set aside, you will have had to complete your sentence, whether it was probation or time in jail or prison. Furthermore, you must not have had any other convictions for three months to six years after you completed the sentence. Also, if you were required as part of your sentence to complete a drug or alcohol program, or any other behavior modification program (such as anger management), these will have had to be completed as well. Once you have completed your sentence and are being discharged by the court, you will be advised at that time that you can petition the court for your judgment to be set aside (assuming you are eligible).

There are some convictions for which will not be eligible for expungement, such as those involving:

  • Use of a dangerous weapon
  • Inflicting serious physical injury on another
  • Rape, assault and other sex crimes
  • Crimes against any person under the age of 15
  • Driving violations where the defendant already had a suspended or revoked license, and DUI.
The Advantages of a Clean Record

You already know how a criminal record reduces your civil rights and generally makes your life more difficult. If you are able to have your criminal judgment set aside, you can have some of these rights restored. You could possibly have your gun ownership restored as well as your right to vote. Employers are much more likely to hire you, and your record will have a notation in it showing that the conviction was set aside.

Why You Need a Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyer

When a petition is presented to the court to have your criminal record set aside, it needs to include evidence showing that you completed your sentence and proving that you have not had any other criminal convictions since this last one. But how the evidence is presented and how any arguments are handled can also affect the outcome. Our Mesa expungement lawyer at The Workman Law Group knows what it takes to effectively convince the judge to grant your petition and obtain a result – a clean record. We stand by you to help you create a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

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