Chandler Domestic Violence Lawyer

Are you accused of committing domestic violence?

There are many domestic calls throughout the Chandler area as well as the Phoenix metro area in domestic violence cases. When an argument escalates, law enforcement is often contacted, either by an alleged victim, a neighbor or other person. Once law enforcement arrives on the scene, there is little they can do other than arrest one of the parties in the altercation. This arrest is most often based upon the allegations made by one person.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Chandler

Whether they are true, false or exaggerated, a police officer will not be willing to take a change with the safety of an individual who claims that they have been a victim. If you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence, you are in serious legal trouble and should contact a Chandler criminal defense attorney from Workman Law Group immediately. At WLG, we treat every one of our clients with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

Our legal team includes a former Maricopa County prosecutor, who has seen it all – from both sides of the aisle. Knowing the inside workings of the criminal justice system has allowed us to gain great insight into how best to defend against charges of domestic violence. There are frequently mitigating circumstances that must be brought to the attention of the court. These could include cases of self defense. There are also cases in which a bitter relationship battle has led to one party making false accusations or exaggerated claims of abuse against another. These are difficult cases, as even if you are completely innocent you will still be forced to defend yourself. There is always a risk of a conviction, even for a party that is innocent of all charges.

Once charges are filed, even if the alleged victim recants, tells the prosecutor that they had exaggerated the situation or had not actually been a victim, it does not mean that the charges will be dismissed. This decision is up to the prosecutor. This is for the protection of a victim that could have been coerced to recant. Many people suffer great damage to their personal and professional reputations when accused of domestic violence. We will address your case with the utmost discretion and concern for you and your family, and will seek out the potential alternatives to jail or prison time, or in cases of false accusations, will aggressively pursue an acquittal or dismissed charge.

Contact a Chandler domestic violence lawyer from our firm at once if you are charged with any form of domestic violence or abuse.